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You tell us when you'd like to be paged by filling in a profile:

Symbol: Enter the symbol you would like us to track
Percent: Enter the interval which you would like to be alerted
Hours: We send out hourly pages at the top of the hour. Enter the hours you would like to receive and hourly page using a 24 hour format. i.e. 1 pm is 13. Enter times realitive to the Eastern Time zone, New York City.
High: Enter a price to be alerted when the stock price goes above this price
Low: Enter a price to be alerted when the stock price gove below this price.
End Day: Enter "Y" to be given an alert at the end of the normal trading day

What you'll receive from us via a text message or an email:

3:15pm ET


Symbol: Symbol for the alert
Time: The time the quote is from. Real-time clients recieve their alerts within a minute of this time. Basic clients receive alerts 20 to 25 minutes later.
Price: The price of the stock at the time the alert was generated
Change: The dollar amount the stock has increased or decreased from the begining of the day.
Percentage: The percentage increase or decrease of the stock price from the beginging of the day.


  We encourage you to use the service for free for 2 weeks to find out exactly how it works.
We don't request any payment information to try the service and we won't use your information to contact you if you choose not to continue with us.